Sundial Events Calendar

Name of Feed: Sundial Events Calendar
Provider: Office of Public Affairs and Communications
Status: Available
Description: Sundial Events Calednar .ICS File
Page Updated: 2/18/2013
Technical Parameters:
BEGIN:VEVENT: Begin event
UID: Unique event ID
SUMMARY: Subject/header of event
DESCRIPTION: Event description                                              
DTSTART;TZID: Event start time Time Zone 
DTEND;TZID: Event end time Time Zone
LOCATION: Location of event
CONTACT: Event contact email
END:VEVENT End event
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Technical Contact:
Data Owner:
Terms of Use: 
Although public, this feed is not in the public domain (see "Copyright info:"). You may use this feed for display or informational purposes. You may reformat the information to suit your processing or display needs. You may not, however, modify or re-distribute this feed without permission (see "Data Owner:"). Columbia University reserves the right to discontinue or change this feed. Users of the feed should check this web page regularly for information about updates and new versions.
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