About Data Feeds


Columbia University's Data Feed Service portal makes a number of data feeds available to software developers in programming-friendly formats, such as JSON and XML. Any member of the University community may log into the Data Service using their UNI to access these data.

The purpose behind this is for software developers to use in applications that provide accurate and timely information about various university services.

Why the Data Feed Service?

Columbia University generates and stores a vast and diverse array of data that it shares with the University community in a variety of formats. The majority of this information is stored in a decentralized fashion and released in formats that are not suited to application development. As such, software developers are forced to resort to screen-scraping and other non-robust techniques to acquire the data needed for their applications. The Data Feed Service is intended to make available to appropriate parties, including students, a set of robust, reliable data feeds which they can use in application development, while also protecting and safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information so as to comply with applicable laws and with the expectations of impacted parties.


Please direct any questions about the Data Feed Service to opendataservice@columbia.edu.